Rebranding Strategy That Actually Works

In online marketing – relationships are built by the provision of information and support.
If somebody perceives that the level of support and information you provide to be of good consistent quality they are likely to follow your recommendations consistently and you can build a business on this key strategy.

But where do you get sufficient quality information that is easily provided
without either writing the content yourself, or purchasing PLR products and fiddling with uploads and the like.

The answer lies in the re-brandable strategy report, which is simply a report provided by a product owner that for a small fee can be re-branded with your affiliate links.

My guess is that there are hundreds of such reports in the marketplace and I’ll claim a vested interest in stating off the bat that I have produced a few in my time.  I love them.  I always have.

All you need to do is find a report in a particular niche that you are interested in promoting to – rebrand it with your links and then give the report away as a subscription gift or bonus and generate ultra targeted traffic to your affiliate links contained within the report.

Over time you’ll find that not only will you build subscribers, you generate commissions off your affiliate links and you generate commissions as other people pay to re-brand the Book as well.

As I keep saying, the real money in online marketing is in the list – but having strategies that supplement and grow your income as you grow your list are very smart.

For the record here are my Top 10 re-brandable reports.

  1. Your Simple Profit Plan – I wrote it so of course I’m going to say its good – you can access it for free here – rebranding to multiple products and advertising resources minimal ongoing monthly cost – pays 100% commissions on re-brand rights
  2. The Power of Promoting You I think this is a must read for everybody online – naturally I re-branded it – cost is minimal.  Understated and under rated this is a great eBook to give away
  3. Autoresponder Profit System a really valuable resource written by Jerry Iannucci.   This is a great introduction to autoresponders and the recommended resources are carefully thought out .  Again I had no hesitation in paying to re-brand this
    and its stood me in good stead over a long period of time
  4. Internet Marketing Success Formula   I confess that I missed the boat on this one.  I should have promoted this much more heavily than I’ve ever done.  This is as close to a step by step success guide that you’ll ever see.
  5. TE Profits – this is a narrow niche but the eBook and strategy is well… awesome.  Can’t be beaten.  If you use traffic exchanges you need to be giving away this report.
  6. Safelist Marketing Tactics  Another great effort from Jerry who just manages to keep things simple and focused .  If you use Safelists – you need this book to learn from and to give away.
  7. 13 List Building Tragedies   targeted at the list building niche this contains some cool affiliate links and has some great advice
  8. Break Free Traffic – Jon Olson says this is more like a complete marketing course than an eBook.  I was the original author but sold it  – its a little clunky in places but re-branding this is a no brainer – represents excellent value.
  9. Pizza Plan  Jon Olson’s contribution to teh re-brandable eBook market – this details how Jon built a business.  Its smart , clever and affordable.  recommending this will build referral commissions over time.
  10. Affiliate Jumpstart – Ryan Hogan’s introduction to affiliate marketing is well put together, has some profitable links and is worth re-branding.

Special mention should be made of Graham Hamer’s the traffic Jam which was a masterpiece of its time.  Sadly Graham sold off the rights to it and I’m not sure about the quality of information provided anymore but without Graham’s wisdom and knowledge I would never have remained in Internet Marketing and its fair to say I wouldn’t have made a cent.

Every book listed above has earned me subscribers.  Every book has earned me affiliate commissions and every book above has earned me back at least its value (some many times over ) for the sale of rebrand rights.

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