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MLM -multi level marketing programs can be lucrative ways to build an online business income – they also probably lead to more disappointment and cries of “scam” then any other online business opportunity presented online.

The reasons for this boil down to two key elements – hype and the ever present “putting the cart before the horse” syndrome.

Most MLM programs unashamedly emphasize the earning potential of their programs causing new people to get very excited about the possibilities couple this with wild claims from every man and his dog stating how much that hey are making and people tend to jump in without doing the appropriate level of due diligence and preparation.

What is it that you are going to be selling?

How are you going to sell it?

Would you recommend this if there was no compensation?

Is there anybody available to help/coach/support me?

What advertising costs are involved?

When I got into this business I joined three MLM companies with stars in my eyes.

I lost a bucket load of cash.

So I picked myself up, dusted myself off and tried very hard to take a longer term view.

MLM never has been my primary business focus since then, but it has formed part of my overall business plan since.

I have always tried to find legitimate business opportunities that fit with my overall business plan.

I am in the make money online niche/business opportunity niche while there may very well be good MLM products that sell water filters, cell phones, juices, beauty products or beef jerky, I have no particular interest in  or reason to introduce those lines to my prospects and subscribers.  Nor so I have the time to learn what I need to learn.

So I’ve generally looked for programs that enhance or add to my message.

Hosting companies (GVO, NPN) and autoresponder services (Traffic Wave, Stiforp to name two) are easy fits for what I do and if the product is a good one I can confidently recommend it as part of my overall strategy.

I’ll be straight up honest.  I don’t think there is ever a time I’ve made more than $200 with any MLM company – but I think that’s probably my fault for not embracing the potential that MLM presents.

A case in point is Traffic Wave – a robust reliable autoresponder service that is easy to use and suits most marketer’s needs more than adequately.

MLM Marketing Program
MLM Marketing Program

Traffic Wave lends itself to an MLM structure because it ticks most of the boxes.

  • It is an essential tool in online marketing.
  • It delivers a quality service
  • It should easily fit into a sales funnel in online marketing.
  • It can be plugged into many systems automatically (check out Scott Douglas’s excellent TE Profits to see what I mean)

But….I’ve never run hard with it, partly because I use another Autoresponder as my preferred tool and partly because some competitors were allowed to poach my referrals.  I never really got over that.

My experiences with Traffic Wave, GVO and Stiforp in particular have led me to believe several key elements need to be present for an MLM business to take off.

It needs to be easy to understand, there needs to be a system in place for others to benefit from and copy and importantly, the whole thing needs to be kept simple – with as few steps as possible.

While Internet marketing is highly competitive, and at times seemingly impossible to master, if you can dumb it down to several key teachable steps you can create a system that allows many people to have some success.

So I’ve been looking at, checking, trialing and largely discarding many different models.

By chance I found the 7K team system and I was initially skeptical because I could not see a way for a team rotator to work in MLM because as the team grows the rotations slow…. This skepticism was based upon a false assumption that a team rotator would be being used.

MLM Companies To Join
The Best MLM Companies To Join

So I looked a little closer and found that the 7K team system is essentially a feeder program for two MLM matrixes – Traffic Wave (as I’ve said it ticks most of the boxes) and The Online Ad Network.

MLM Advertising Example

I’m well aware of The Online Ad Network(TOAN) and again, I made several false assumptions about it – the first being that it was nothing more than an ad board which would generate very little traffic. My banners are  currently generating click through rates of about 5% and I regard that as being well worth it.

So after some initial playing around with TOAN I was pleasantly surprised by its advertising effectiveness and I found myself wanting to recommend it to others because of its effectiveness.

That led me to take a really good look at the 7K team and check out exactly what was going on.  I was quite impressed.

The 7K team has pinpointed the essential weakness of other team builds and has made some very important adjustments and enhancements to the team model.

The first is that its leaders have pledged 10% of their earnings within the 7K system to go back into advertising active members  URLS

The second is that for you to benefit from that advertising you must generate 1 active referral your self.

The third, as I understand it is that as you reach three referrals at TOAN you are no longer in rotation with the 7K team system as the focus shifts to getting others to the “break even mark.

The real beauty of MLM and TOAN in particular then comes into play – because if you can get your 3 referrals active they will benefit in precisely the same way and you will get the benefit of an active and filling matrix.

In a nutshell I am heartily recommending the 7K team system for the following reasons

  • The two core products deliver real value
  • The system itself really helps the average person to grab a real opportunity to build a real business

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