All About Making Money Online

Making money online can be a confusing and treacherous business.
There are countless methods, systems, programs and people promoting them that if you’re not careful you can end up in a vicious cycle of program hopping and herd following.

With that in mind, I have put together a list of potential ways to make money on line and some recommended  resources and/or programs that can help you.

Please bear in mind that everyone is different just because you meet somebody who claims to be having success with something doesn’t mean that you will have the same – particularly in the business opportunity market, where truth is well, lets say flexible.


This is the easiest and least risky way of making money online today.
You can get paid to write, complete surveys, participate in forums, make short videos, design websites, install WordPress……almost anything at all.  If you have some technical skill, a good speaking voice, or even just have a pretty face (leaves me out) there is somebody somewhere on the net that is willing to pay you for it.

Some of the better places to get involved in this line of work are places like which matches people looking for work  with people needing jobs done.

Does this mean that you can give up your day job?

No..  not initially… but if you are able to perform good work that is rated well by people who buy from you you can build up a solid portfolio and over time can make some decent regular money.

Here are some key things to remember here –

  • under promise and  over deliver – if you quote or bid for work make sure you give them more than they ask for.
  • This is a competitive market place.  You may have to quote below what you want to win some initial business – as your profile grows you can ask more

Of course there are literally thousands of places that will pay you small amounts to perform micro tasks like reading email, blog commenting and the like these are labour intensive but can earn you a few dollars.

Suggested resources

Make 20 a day:  This short report discusses some of the better places you can access to consistently make a few dollars a day
Real Writing Jobs:  Many of these jobs are simple online writing tasks, such as blogging about a movie that you recently saw, commenting on what your opinion is of a certain kind of car, proof reading simple documents and more!
Get Paid to Draw: There is a huge online demand for pictures, drawings and images , and not enough  people supplying them.  These pictures could be as simple as vegetables, parks or anything you that your camera can capture. Companies will buy the rights to use your pictures online and are willing to pay you a lot to do it!
Get Paid to take Surveys: Anybody in a Western country can be involved in this and yes companies will pay you for your opinion.  Again there’s no chance of giving up your day job but survey work is regular and does pay

I would suggest that the methods discussed above are low risk – and can generate some income – very few people will make significant money out of hem but almost everybody will get paid if they are prepared to work.  In fact I would go so far as to say that this is where most people’s involvement with making money on line should begin and end – the work is easy, the pay model is simple much like a real job – you get paid for work performed – unlike a real job there is no guarantee of work….

But the lure of an  Internet Home Based business is irresistible to some (as it was to me) so here are my thoughts on various legitimate home business Internet  models are below

Niche Marketing/Blogging

Five years ago I would have said that this was the easiest and most lucrative way for the average Joe to get involved in online marketing..  Today the niche marketing area is massively competitive Niche Bloggingand every guru and his dog has a program that will help you tap into this niche.

My thoughts are beware….
Most programs quickly get you trapped into buying “essential tools” like SE Nuke, keyword software, video software, social marketing strategies etcetera – while Niche marketing can be lucrative it has to be something you are passionate about from the start and that you are willing to talk about everyday.

Typically it is now accepted that you need WordPress for your marketing needs…and it certainly is easy once you understand all that is going on….my WordPress for is a good introductory level program that introduces you to blogging concepts but if you want to go down the WordPress niche marketing route I can think of no better teacher than Rosalind Gardner and her affiliate blogger pro site.

But there may be an alternative to WordPress – its called Site Build It and I like it for several reasons…one is that it is totally hype free, two it is easy to understand, three all costs associated with the business are borne in your annual or monthly payment.  I would certainly take a look at this if you are considering building a blog or site related to something that you have  a passion about.

In my opinion both Affiliate blogger pro and SBI offer real value for the average person looking to make money from their existing knowledge and skill.

Internet Marketing  through List Building

This is the model that best suits me – it doesn’t require a lot of skill just some basics in relation to autoresponder use and squeeze page design and an ability to communicate as yourself.

Its no secret that the money in online marketing is “in the list” but most people don’t have the patience to actively pursue this….which is terribly sad because most of the time they put their energies into promoting something that builds somebody else’s list.

List building is initially a slow process unless you have a sales funnel set up that allows you to scale your business quickly your simple profit plan provides the means to do that providing a complete marketing blueprint for people to follow.

Alternatively, the newbie breakthrough sets out a very similar pathway without being as aggressive.

But how do you monetize your list?

There are a variety of methods either through recommending CPA offers, promoting affiliate offers that you endorse or….becoming a solo ad seller.

Of all the methods – solo ad selling is probably the easiest if you can guarantee a certain number of clicks you have a business without having to sell anything….
The only resource I can recommend in this area is the 3K challenge
well worth the price.

MLM & Business Opportunities

This area should appeal only to seasoned and experienced marketers!

Online Business Strategy Using MLM Companies
Online Business Strategy Using MLM Companies

but, its a sad fact that most business opportunity seekers are immediately attracted to this area because the hype, fueled by stories of instant wealth beyond your dreams is very hard to resist – couple taht with high pressure sales tactics designed to make you feel weak (“Come on don’t be a wussy” is undue pressure used by unethical people who don’t care two hoots about your financial situation)

Fact some MLM companies can deliver sustainable long term residual income

Fact:  Most MLM companies are pyramid schemes designed to get a few chosen people sitting at the top very rich

Fact: Most people are not capable of working out what is a good sustainable business model

These three facts make for a dangerous mix resulting in much disenchantment, law suits and all too often serious financial consequences.

Please bear that in mind when you see the next Big Idea (sorry for the pun) announce itself in your mailbox and on every online marketing related site.

The following programs are recommended for your investigation as they have been around long enough to be regarded as sustainable and the products they sell offer some value
1.Stiforp – yes I’m a member here and I like what they offer – contact manager – leads based autoresponder and customizable landing pages the cost is small and the potential for spillover although exaggerated in their advertising is too some extent, realistically o make money here you need a sales funnel that recommends it.

2. Traffic Wave  a robust Autoresponder that I use on a  daily basis has real benefits just as an Internet Marketing tool – while not as flexible or as cutting edge as either Get Response or AWeber, it has some good selling points – fixed price easy to understand and the affiliate program is MLM based which if you have a dupicable sales funnel makes Traffic Wave potentially lucrative.

3. GVO  I’m a member I use their hosting and occasionally their conferencing software, but frankly their hype and their changing of rules just annoys me – that said they have been around in 1 form or another for well over 7 years.  They offer a suite of Internet marketing tools that are functional and workable.

4. NPN Again been around forever – they too provide a suite of marketing tools very similar to GVO’s – if I were starting from scratch I would choose them over GVO but I aren’t.  I was a member previously and had no complaint with them it just seemed that I was promoting essentially he same thing twice with my involvement with GVO.

5. SFI  is the very first business opportunity I got involved with (some ten years ago at least) and to be really honest I didn’t understand it.  I left after about two months not having the skills or experience to make anything of it.  Its a curious hybrid – part MLM , part auction site, part affiliate store site.   Its real enough, its been around long enough – it just needs some application and commitment.

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